All my WeedWeek Canada newsletters are available here, on the WeedWeek site.

Below is a small survey of my clips from other outlets. You can see a more thorough selection on my Contently page.

The Nation

Val d’Or Allegations Throw Quebec into Crisis” (November 2015, part of First Place Best Reporting Series, QCNA)

Goose Wings: The Lost Music of James Bay and Beyond” (November 2014, First Place Best Entertainment Story, QCNA)

Voices from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Closing Ceremony” (June 2015)

School Board’s Global Bus Contract to a New Company Sparks Controversy” (September 2014)


Aboriginal People’s Television Network (APTN) National News

Are Indigenous communities in Quebec unfairly targeted for shipping fees?” (August 2016)


Toronto Star

Indigenous reconciliation proposals need to be enormous” (Op-ed, August 2017)

Gord Downie’s demand for courage” (Op-ed, August 2016)


SC Magazine

Breach: Before and After” (March 2016)

Analyze This! – Analytics for the Mid-Range Enterprise” (e-book)

Talk Therapy: Information Sharing” (June, 2015)


Think Progress

How Easy Would It Be to Rig the Next Election?” (May 2017)



Canada’s Marijuana Party Founder Loves Legalization Even Though It ‘Pisses Me Off’” (April 2018)

Cannabis in a Distinct Society: Quebec’s Idiosyncratic Grapple With Legalization” (October 2017)

Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana Takes Aim at Quebec” (September 2017)


Food Quality & Safety

Should Hydroponics and Aquaponics Be Considered Certified Organic?” (November 2017)

Transparency: The Must-Have Ingredient for Food Companies” (April 2017)

Brexit’s Impact on the Food Industry” (April 2016)




America’s next top mortician: ‘It really improves your life to be around corpses’” (October 2012)

Butt-groping, bachelorette parties and rape threats: Rob Ford’s non-crack scandals!” (November 2013)