Specialties: Speech Writing, Copy- and Stylistic Editing, ESL Training, and Writing Instruction.

Clear Communication

J. B. Staniforth is a Montreal-based English-language specialist with over a decade of experience as a professional writer, journalist, editor, and teacher. He provides versatile English communication services on (or before) deadline, always completed to clients' satisfaction.

Writing and Speech Writing

Having written a huge variety of documents for all kinds of clients, J. B. Staniforth is a flexible and sensitive writer and speech writer, capable of capturing an individual's voice and intentions and ensuring clients' messages resonate clearly in the finished text. His speeches and speaking notes easily complement the speaking voice of the person for whom they're prepared, making them sound effortlessly natural in delivery.


Whether he's making sure a document is grammatically and stylistically sound, clarifying and smoothing out the language of its message, or streamlining and reorganizing an entire text, J. B. Staniforth draws on ample editing experience with a variety of individual and institutional clients.

ESL and English Writing Instruction

J. B. Staniforth has taught over 3,100 hours in ESL and English classes, tutorials, and one-on-one meetings all around the city of Montreal. Students of all ages and from all backgrounds have given him consistently high evaluations, frequently requesting he return as their instructor and recommending him to others.